Bismarck Services

Bismarck Services Company was established in 2017 and is one of the companies that work in the field of management and operation of tourist facilities and facilities of the public and private sector and management and operation of tourist transport and has a full team trained and qualified to work services and maintenance of facilities and cleaning works

It also has a general contracting department (electrical contracting works, control electricity, mechanical contracting works, fire pumps works, fire lines works, early warning boards, wooden decoration works.

  •  Contracting and finishing works
  •  General and internal cleaning works
  •  Facade cleaning work
  •  Maintenance, polishing and polishing of marble
  •  Cleaning and washing of carpets and rugs
  •  Parquet scraping and polishing
  •  Pest control works
  •  Landscaping and landscaping works
  •  Maintenance work
  •  Works of mourning
  •  General Supplies

Bismarck is pleased to offer you an overview of the company's services in the public procurement service for all activities
1- Supplying all kinds of electric tools
2- Supply all types of tools and business requirements
3- Supplying all kinds of office tools for companies and offices
4 - Supply of all types of sanitary ware and the number and accessories of plumbing
5 - Supplying all types and accessories of computers and accessories
6 - Supply of all types of inks for Brainer and the photocopier and fax
7 - Supplying all types and requirements of buffet for companies and banks
8 - Supply of all types and requirements of construction (cement - iron - bricks).
9 - Supplying all types of wood manufactures to the required specifications.
10 - Supplying all kinds of requirements of companies, banks, people and major shops.
11 - Supply of all types of tools and heavy equipment (winch - mixer - tractors). - The company is characterized by a large base of companies and factories in all fields and also agents for several factories and major companies and the company is characterized by its prices and after-sales services.
We work to serve construction companies, public and private sector companies, petroleum companies and companies working in the field of services
Bismarck Services joined Bismarck Group in 2019