Bismarck Secure

- Bismarck Secure company is one of the companies specialized in security work, guarding and securing facilities, and for this purpose the company has developed its working methods and set up a work system based on the use of the latest methods of work and management to reach the highest level of efficiency in accordance with the circumstances and requirements of the security situation. For security and guard work in Egypt where the company hires specialized security personnel and a high level in security and guarding.

- The company was established to provide security and guard services for companies and institutions in a modern framework according to the new concept of partnership in success and not on the basis of providing a service to the customer only and our vision is (security of your organization is our responsibility).

- The company's philosophy is to provide its services on the basis that the company and the client is one unit and that the company is the security management of the client and its goal of providing security service in its comprehensive concept as well as providing security consulting service necessary to succeed as a business adviser to the client, including shortcomings and strengths To be completely honest, even if it is in the company's material disadvantage.

- Based on this new concept and innovative method of work, our company may not care to increase its numbers to increase the size of its contracts physically, but treat the client honestly and honestly in his actual needs without inflating to reach satisfactory contracts for the client and the company represents the actual reality and achieve benefit for both parties.

- To achieve this, we have prepared our work plan and our approach to work and our documentary courses and plans to pass on our sites and we have organized our company to be one of the leading companies in this field that meets the requirements of international quality.

- Our company operates according to an administrative structure prepared to comply with the requirements of our business and our locations.

- Our company provides security services in a modern scientific basis based on selected elements of former officers of the police and armed forces who have been carefully selected, have personal characteristics, the most important understanding of security requirements with a balanced personality with a decisive character with decency and civility and good public relations to build bonds of trust with Customer.

- Our company selects the elements of security from the educated Egyptian youth taking into account the good appearance and the proper body and the principles of fitness and good behavior and ages ranging from (21 years to 45 years) and then our company to train these young people according to an approved training plan prepared by a selection of the best officers Training Department of the Ministry of Interior and Police College. This plan is based on the following:

11- Individuals and the site can be provided according to the client's desire with a sound weapon, rubber and wooden sticks, lightning strikes, service belt, wireless devices, metal detectors and reflective mirrors for car inspection.

12. The site security survey can be conducted, a complete security plan can be established, the number of security officers required to implement the plan, and the capabilities required to ensure the successful implementation of the plan.

13. In the case of a special security manager at the site to be insured, all his requests from supervisors, security officers and equipment shall be met in accordance with the security plan established to reach the required degree of insurance for the site.

Bismarck Secure is run by a group of former senior military and police officers who have the necessary expertise and skill

Bismarck Secure is run by a group of former senior military and police officers who have the necessary expertise and skill

  •  Familiarity with security functions in general.
  •  Knowledge of the tasks of industrial security and fire.
  •  Training on evacuation and escape plans.
  •  Special training in technical assistance:

- Cameras

- alarms

- Fire devices

5 - Intensive technical training on the institution to be implemented due to the different tasks in many institutions (despite the agreement on the basic security tasks).
6 - Training on how to deal and enroll in different books (attendance - conditions - accidents - .........)
7 - How to notify the general supervisor in ordinary accidents and government agencies (ambulance - fire - police) in case of unusual accidents God forbid
8 - Training and indoctrination by experts to adapt individuals to the sense of their new responsibility as security personnel responsible for the security of the institution.
9 - special training in the case of appointment to one of the hotels we work in (principles of English language - how to deal with tourists).
10- Individuals are trained in the method of inspection of vehicles of all types as well as facts and individuals by various means of inspection as well as self-inspection of individuals if necessary. A female security component can be provided to ensure easy implementation of security procedures without hindrance.
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